Funding Announcement

We are very excited to share wonderful news on our progress. We have recently received funding from a private donor, who has very generously contributed $50,000 towards the realisation of A Disturbed Earth.

In our last correspondence, we shared with you the urgency of recording stories from the surviving elders of the village, while we still can. There remains only a small window to record these stories as most of the survivors are close to or older than 90 years of age. With this funding, we can press ahead and record the last of the interviews with elders in the coming months.

Sadly, Safsaf village lost its oldest surviving elder on December 14th, 2018. With each elder that passes, we lose their stories of the village. And without their stories, the village doesn't exist in any form. The preservation of these stories is vital, not only to this creative documentary project but for the recording of history from the perspective of its victims. Some say that the victor writes history. Like many other First Peoples creative projects, this documentary is a refusal of that notion. We will write our stories in the face of all the barriers that stand in our way.

We want to publicly express our gratitude for the support and generosity of our donor. This funding allows us to develop this documentary much further and place us in an even stronger position to obtain the rest of the funding needed to complete this creative documentary project.

Rihab Charida